XLV Incontro di Studiosi dell'Antichità Cristiana 11-13 May 2017

Dear Friends,

The Augustinianum and the Organizing Committee (J.A. Cabrera Montero, G. Caruso, F. Cocchini, A. Di Berardino, V. Grossi, M. Marin, P. Mattei, A. Nazzaro, L. Perrone, S. Pricoco, E. Prinzivalli) wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for the recent participation in the XLIV Incontro di Studiosi dell’Antichità Cristiana. Our next Incontro will take place on:

11-13 May 2017, and will address the theme:
Infancy in Christian sources (1st - 5th centuries)

In recent decades historical research has widened it purview within its own fields of investigation, employing new instruments of research, in particular, “cultural studies,” which have made an impact on researches concerning private life, social and relational changes, affirmation of new values, different perceptions of time and space, public and private sentiments, the family, parenthood, etc. – all from the perspective of diachronic anthropology. The results of this investigation help us to appreciate better the distance, both in terms of values and semantics, which separates antiquity from contemporary times.

What was the role of Christians in these dynamics of transformation? Current historical studies examine Christian sources in strict continuity and coherence with those contemporary with them, even to the point of affirming at times that in matters concerning marriage and family ethics the new religion did not produce essentially new elements. Conscious of these continuities and divergences, this year’s conference proposes to investigate the position of infant children, exploring the intellectual and existential perception of infancy that was more or less formalized in Christian thinking during the first five centuries.

Papers could profitably examine this question from different research perspectives: exegetical aspects (the patristic interpretation of biblical statements concerning infant children), hagiographical (infant martyrs), the history of family interactions, maternity and paternity, emotions that infants felt, or that they were expected to feel. In this way reflections on this topic can be made from the standpoint of artistic representations of infants, philosophical influences, and even Roman legal aspects (including the evolution of the concept of patria potestas, or problems connected with the abandonment of infants) along with examination of the roles of institutions (hospitals, orphanages).

Those wishing to participate in the 2017 Incontro either with a communication (15 mins.) or a paper (25 mins.) are asked to send the title, a brief summary of the argument and a brief curriculum vitae no later than 30 November 2016 exclusively to the following address:

Segreteria Incontri Augustinianum, Via Paolo VI, 25 – 00193 Roma / Italia - Fax +39.06.68006298; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Organizing Committee will meet in early January 2017 to evaluate the proposals and will at that time communicate the results.

The Organizing Committee of the
XLIV Incontro di Studiosi dell’Antichità Cristiana 2017

P.S. The due date for submission of manuscripts for publishing in the Acts is 1 September 2017. Unless authorization for late submission has been secured in advance, manuscripts received after this date will not be published. Furthermore, strict adherence to the following guidelines is required for publication: communications may not exceed 25,000 characters (including spaces); papers (relazioni) may not exceed 50,000 characters (including spaces). Finally, all manuscripts submitted for publication will be subject to a double process of blind peer review, and judgments reached in this regard (to be communicated confidentially to the authors) may not be appealed. This peer-review process may result in our refusal to publish some papers, while it may also extend preparation of the Acts beyond the customary one-year period following the Conference. We thank you for your understanding.

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